Get Funding

Estimate the Amount of Funding You Need

To secure financing for your business, start at the beginning: how much money do you need and for what?

Get funding

Determine the Best Source of Funding

When businesses think funding, they often only consider commercial banks, when in fact, there are many options for capital and its very important to use the right kind of funding for the right project.

Put Together a Business Plan

Once you’ve determined the right kind of financing for your business or concept, you’ll need to package your financial information in a way that makes it easy for a funder to make a favorable decision. At the most basic level, you will need to provide:

  • Basic information about your business concept
  • Basic information about the funds you are requesting
  • Financial information about your business

We highly recommend that you work with one of our network Resource Partners who are skilled in helping business owners prepare themselves to approach funding sources, before you go to a funder.  Simply search for financing assistance in the Resource Navigator to find the right organization near you.

Attend business plan workshops – Be sure to explore the Calendar of Events to find an event near you.